All our services and products we offer are tailored to meet your individual requirements. Our dedicated team of professionals always give each and every customer the highest quality product and service, at a competitive price.

Cleaning, Maintenance and Restoration Service

restoration We offer a cleaning and maintenance service for memorials. Prices for this service depend on location and type of memorial. We are happy to visit, and offer a free, no obligation quotation. We offer an individual service to meet your needs and suit your budget.

We offer a price for a one off clean and refurbish, or an annual maintenance charge ensuring that the lifelong tribute to that special person is cared for many years.

Letter Cutting, Additional Inscriptions

letteringOur skilled craftsmen are experienced in designing and preparing memorials in all aspects of preparing the highest quality of memorials in re-guild, repainting, re-leading, and additional inscriptions or portraits.


Procedure Help & Advice

helpWe often choose a particular Cemetery or Churchyard because of our family relationships with the village or town, now or in our past, or because other family members have been buried or interred there.

 There are many Cemeteries and Churchyards, each Authority or Diocese having their own regulations depending upon whether the grave is for a Burial or Cremation.  Once the burial or interment of ashes has taken place and you are ready to choose a memorial, we will advise you on the current regulations and begin to build a picture of the type of memorial you would like.  

There are various ways in which we can assist with this to make your choice of memorial as simple as possible, for instance providing you with a sample of inscription ideas and printouts to show the chosen memorial to scale, completing necessary required forms for the Council or Church and even helping with the arrangements for the interment to coincide with the memorial being erected.  As a general guide, memorials on a Burial grave can be erected 8 months after the funeral although there are factors which may increase this timescale; for instance, size of memorial.  Memorials for a Cremation plot however can be erected on the same day as the interment.