Memorial Advice

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How long should I wait until I’m able to place a full memorial on a burial plot in a cemetery?
Different cemeteries recommend different lengths of time for leaving the ground to settle before a full memorial can be placed. The minimum that Oxley-Smith Memorials recommends is six months, however a year period is the preferred. Waiting this long helps prevent the memorial area from suffering subsidence movement and therefore prevents the stone work sinking
Which stone is better for a memorial, granite or marble?
When making your decision on purchasing a memorial serious consideration should be given to the type of stone be used. Both types of stone are suitable for the purpose of memorials as both are very durable and distinctive, however there are natural limitations and particular characteristics applicable to both. Marble is widely used and one of the best known materials chosen for sculpture and carving. However the ability to work this stone to such fine detail means that the stone is not as strong as granite. Marble commonly comes in white, although other colours such as pink and grey are available but can be costly. Marble will weather at a greater rate when compared to granite, and will need maintenance at some stage during its lifetime to maintain its colouration. Granite is available in a wide range of colours from black, grey to reds, blues and greens. However as it is a natural product some colour and contrast variation may occur in certain granite types depending on when and where it is sourced. Granite is extremely strong and virtually indestructible. Its texture lends itself to polishing to bring out the true beauty of the material. However due to is toughness, for ornamentation purposes designs tend to be etched as opposed to carved.
Can a stone be personalised to suit our requirements?
Yes we are able to produce the memorial to suit your particular taste. We are also able to inscribe designs such as crosses, hearts, shamrocks, angels or if you provide us with a design we can produce a stencil for it using our specialist software.
Can you produce an inscription in another language other than English?
Yes. We have produced many memorials for a variety of different members of the local community, we have inscribed memorials in Polish, Urdu, Farsi, Armenian to name but a few.
Should I have the lettering hand cut or machine cut?
Most of the inscriptions we now produce are machine cut. There is no difference in the quality of the work when using the latest technology available for this method. However we are still able to hand cut memorials if desired or even required (for instance older memorials with hand cut inscriptions to be matched), although due to the labour intensity of this method it can prove to be expensive when compared with machine cutting prices.
Are there any other costs to take into consideration after purchasing the stone ?
The price of the stone includes the placement, however the inscription is charged per letter and is additional to the cost of the memorial. Furthermore depending on where the stone is to be placed there may be a fee to payable to the cemetery authority for permission.
Is Oxley-Smith Memorials work guaranteed?
Yes all our memorial stone work is guaranteed for quality and workmanship for a period of 10 years.
Are you a member of the National Association of Memorial Masons?
Yes we have been a member of the masonry industries governing body for around five years now……we have always provided quality work to the standard laid down as the criteria for membership of NAMM.
Do I need to take out insurance for the memorial?
As stated all our work is fully guaranteed for 10 years, however this does not cover every eventuality… should the memorial be damaged by a third party in the cemetery is could be costly to rectify… we are able recommend approved insurers should you wish.


Oxley-Smith Memorials hope that this page helps to answer some of the questions you may have, should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to telephone during office hours or e-mail us using the contact page on this site – we will endeavor to provide you with a quick response…